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Wedding Classics on Acoustic Guitar. 20 wedding songs, ceremony music classics, including Ode to Joy, Canon in D, the Wedding March, Trumpet Voluntary, the Bridal Chorus, and more. Elegant, intimate instrumental acoustic guitar selections. Elegant instrumental acoustic guitar arrangements. Over 56 minutes of classical wedding ceremony favorites. Full album and individual songs from Acoustic Wedding are available for purchase and immediate music download in MP3 format. Click a link to listen and download these top wedding songs. Download instructions immediately follow purchase. Triumphant ceremony processionals and recessionals. Exquisite timeless classical music for your bridal entrance. More than enough tracks for your entire ceremony!

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Album Notes - Acoustic Wedding

Acoustic guitar styling on this album is unique. Less becomes more. Timeless classical music represented on a timeless instrument. The Acoustic Wedding recordings originate from simplicity and humility, reflecting the original classical works in intimate acoustic guitar arrangements. The 20 classical wedding favorites in Acoustic Wedding lead the listener toward elegance, triumph, simple beauty, and sophistication. Selections are featured by Bach, Handel, Mozart. Acoustic Wedding is inspired by the work of Michael Hedges, John Michael Talbot, Will Ackerman, Phil Keaggy.

Reviews - Acoustic Wedding

Acoustic Wedding CD ~ Wedding Songs Ceremony Music Downloads. 20 top wedding songs arranged for instrumental acoustic guitar by Mark Magnuson. This photo © John Blair at www.blairweddings.comPerfect choice for home wedding
Thank you for the beautiful acoustic wedding music.  The ceremony was at our house with only the closest of relatives and friends by our side.  The music was perfect for our ceremony. I walked into the room with "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". "Air on the G String" played while we lit the unity candles, and we ended the ceremony by playing "Minuet". You have a great talent and I find your style of guitar playing very soothing. I'd be pleased, if in the future you create a new CD, that you let me know. I'd love to buy a copy.

(photo © John Blair


Recommended Classical Albums for Your Wedding
By Aaron Green, Guide

I don't know if it's just me, but when I hear the acoustic versions of these classical pieces performed by Mark Magnuson on solo guitar, I think of an outdoor Autumn wedding. You'll find the Trumpet Voluntary, Air (Water Music), and Air on a G String especially pleasing, thanks to Magnuson's quietly reserved style of playing.

Special day will always be one to remember 
Your music includes some of the best acoustic renditions I have ever heard. Bach's "Air" is a favorite piece of mine and to have the joy of listening to it acoustically was absolute perfection... because I'm such a fan of good guitar as well. I only purchased two of the songs, but I listen to them rather frequently. I went with the two for a wedding I was putting together music for and I desperately wanted something different... not overly traditional, in other words. I looped the two as part of a seating/processional arrangement and the combination created the perfect setting for what turned out to be a very special occasion, in part because the wife-to-be was getting married after having been divorced some 21 years.

I received a tremendous amount of feedback and praise for the entire music library, but your music was most certainly the highlight for myself, the guests, and especially the honorees. Because of your beautiful music, their special day will always be one to remember. 

I thank you for your music and for your talent and hope your gift is heard far and wide. I know I will do my part to ensure that very thing.      Edward A. 

Beachfront wedding, guests and wedding party were barefoot!

Thanks for your music. It was beautifully played and very well recorded. I was sent to your site by a couple who had hired my band to play at their reception. They wanted solo acoustic guitar at the ceremony; something I'd never done. Any ceremony I had played previously, I had always done with another guitarist. I liked your arrangements and used them to develop my own versions. Everyone enjoyed the sound of acoustic guitar, especially at a beachfront wedding where most of the guests (and the wedding party) were barefoot!
Walt K.

Lovely simple classics Acoustic Wedding CD ~ Wedding Songs Ceremony Music Downloads. 20 top wedding songs arranged for instrumental acoustic guitar by Mark Magnuson. This photo © John Blair at
When I was planning my wedding, I knew right away that I didn't want my ceremony to be ornate or stuffy. That's why I chose these classics--they were simple, allowing my family and friends to enjoy my wedding itself, rather than the music that marked it.

Jaime; Colorado

(photo © John Blair


Relaxed renditions of classical wedding ceremony music

I loved your CD! I used it for my ceremony music and the selection I chose was one I felt wasn't a typical choice and that was appealing for me. I felt that the CD made the classic selections sound more updated, relaxed and cozy. My DJ commented in particular about the music and he'll definitely be recommending it to others. Thanks.
Rosie; New York, NY

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The replacement CD works great! Thanks so much for your prompt and professional service!
Ann Dillon; North Carolina

Great CD choice for a Wedding DJ

As a professional wedding DJ who is always looking for new recordings, I am very pleased to have come across "Acoustic Wedding" on iTunes. The selections are versatile while still including the popular mainstays. The sound quality is extraordinary and the interpretations are emotional without being "heavy-handed". I highly recommend "Acoustic Wedding" to brides and wedding professionals alike who are looking for simple and elegant recorded music to augment the perfect day.”
Elisabeth Daley, Williamsburg, VA

Special bride "felt" this music

The Acoustic Wedding music was just perfect for the wedding of a deaf friend of mine! She was able to "feel" the beat and walk down the aisle to it. And, being able to purchase the downloadable music from my home computer made shopping for the music soooo easy. Thanks so much!

People were commenting about the music

I downloaded a few songs for a small wedding I just had today. The music was beautiful. As a matter of fact I had a couple of people comment about how lovely it was. I figured for a simple wedding the acoustic wedding march would be perfect. I was very pleased. Thanks very much for making my day that much more unique, and very, very special.”
Tara from PA

Beautiful gift for my niece

As I listened to the music I was filled with a sense of wonderment. The passion you put into playing the music is great. Those songs, which are some of my all time favorite, (Ave Maria, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, and others) meld together to create a beautiful tapestry. My niece will love it, I am sure. It is an honor to be able to present it to her.
Tom; Michigan

We used this CD for our wedding reception as well

I had your samples playing on my computer at work yesterday while deciding to buy your CD, and a number of people walked by and asked "who is that? it sounds great!". Everyone agreed the samples sounded wonderful. We're getting married and having the reception where there simply is not enough room for a band, DJ or even a string quartet. Since I've always loved acoustic guitar, I think your CD will be perfect, not only for the wedding, but as background music for the reception as well. Thank you again!
Amy from Minnesota

Everyone loved these selections
My fiancé and I got married in an old part of Galveston. I had always wanted acoustic guitar played at my wedding but couldn't find a good CD anywhere! I did some web searches and bought two CD’s and this was BY FAR THE BEST!!! Everyone loved the selections and I still listen to the CD!
Amanda; Houston, TX

Used this music for reception as well
We were looking for a certain type of music for our wedding but found few CDs that were exactly what we were looking for. Acoustic Weddings was perfect for our ceremony and we even used some of the music for our reception.
Jenni; Indiana

Inspired a Celtic feeling
The CD was amazing! Aside from my husband playing one piece, we used only your CD for all our ceremony music. We found these classical pieces played on the guitar had a Celtic feeling to them which we enjoyed as the bride was part Irish and the groom part Scottish. It sounded beautiful in the Church. Thank you for providing us with the perfect music for our daughter’s wedding!
Judy Boulet; Vankleek Hill, Ontario, CANADA

Glad I found this
This CD is amazing, exactly what I was looking for! I am so glad I found the perfect music. Thank you for doing what you do.

Complements intimate ceremony
I found Acoustic Wedding two weeks before my wedding and it is exactly what I was looking for. The music is absolutely beautiful and perfectly complements the setting of our small, intimate ceremony. Thank you so much for this wonderful CD!
Tracy; Michigan

Great for wedding slideshows
Acoustic Wedding would be especially helpful for the couple who is looking for the right music for their wedding. I've also found this to be the perfect music for wedding slideshows. Mark also has a CD of Acoustic Hymns that you can check out as well.
John Blair;

New and fresh
This is a great alternate take on great wedding song standards! For brides that are looking for something new and fresh, this is it. I use it for seating and ceremony music at events where I am responsible for music. 
John Anderson; Midwest Sound Company; St. Paul Minnesota

String quartet alternative 
Simply beautiful guitar arrangements. Perfect for those looking for an alternative to the string quartet. 
Dan; Cambridge, MA

Perfect music for unique wedding 
Thanks again and we are so happy we could get this music. Our son is getting married and he loves guitar, he plays himself, and they also wanted to be unique. This will be perfect.
Darlene; Prince Edward Island, Canada

Added an elegance to the wedding 
My son and fiancé wanted an outdoor wedding. We don't know many accomplished guitarists. Your music was just what we wanted. The simplicity of unaccompanied acoustic guitar added an elegance, while creating an intimate atmosphere.
Karen; Maryland


Perfect for my outdoor wedding ceremony

I found your CD online, and I love it!  It is exactly what I was looking for.  I am getting married in the summer, and Acoustic Wedding will be played for our outdoor wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful CD!

Tracy from PA


Highly recommended

I wanted to do something different for my wedding ceremony music.  I really love acoustic guitar, so I searched and searched and finally found "Acoustic Wedding."  It is just perfect.  The music is so soothing and beautiful.  I highly recommend this album.

Lindsay; North Carolina


I looked all over and couldn’t find traditional songs done as beautifully as these.  It will be perfect for my wedding next week.  I think your music is amazing Mark…thanks for sharing it with the world.

Kimberly; Florida


Best Friends

My friend was planning to celebrate her wedding somewhere at her parents’ summer time lodge, a place having a beautiful lake nearby that borders the laps of the surrounding mountains, a heavenly place dear to me as we have spent there plenty of our holidays and her choice to celebrate the wedding at that location couldn’t be more perfect. The lodge was big enough to host the couple’s families and few close friends, the same ones who have been guests for so many happy week-ends and holidays.

During the entire evolution of her planning I assisted her and helped in staging every event that was meant to be part of the wedding ceremony and reception. The ceremony was planned to be held outdoors with an officiant coming to perform the religious service that was to take place on the lawn that stretched on the left side of the garden. This lawn she planned to have it decorated with an arch adorned with flowers, the place where the officiant would wait with the groom for the bride to come.

Many of these details were thoroughly organized, and whenever she needed me I was close to her to provide my support and my advice. When it came to the music, I remember to have done some researches, since my friend was caught up with the floral element of her wedding celebration, therefore I offered to find the music to fit perfectly in that heavenly décor of her mountain lodge. Browsing the web pages for the wedding music and the specific songs, I came across some acoustic wedding songs from Acoustic Wedding that had hearing samples for the willing ones to have the possibility to listen to the songs before downloading them on the MP3 format.

I recollect the moments of audition when I found myself really surprised at the sound of this acoustic music, with the soothing touches on the guitar’s strings taking out beautiful songs revealing at the same time a performance worth admiring. Listening to a Bach rendition of “Air on the G string” I was carried slowly to the realms of relaxation instantly feeling the depth of emotions that only the sound of classical music can infuse. 

Moving further with the searching I found many other acoustic wedding songs, and knowing that my friend is a fan for classical music and taking into account that the ceremony and part of the reception were held outdoors in that splendid setting I forwarded my musical suggestion to my friend and her fiancé.

They both agreed on my suggestions and revising together the choices of songs, we started to figure out the way they fit inside the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. And as such we staged my friend’s “entrance” as a bride on the sound of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Deisiring” – by Bach, “Air on the G string” for the moment of exchanging the vows and the wedding rings, “Ave Maria” – the Schubert composition, for the moment of pronouncing them husband and wife and Beethoven’s “Ode of Joy” for the recessional part of the ceremony.

Other choices of songs belonging to the acoustic music were also planned to be included in the displaying of the reception, especially in the moments when everybody felt the urge to relax a little and take a break from the dance floor and relax on the sounds of acoustic wedding music.


Acoustic Wedding - Wedding Songs on Guitar Music CD and Music Downloads

Summary: Favorite Wedding music songs on soothing instrumental acoustic guitar

Genre: Wedding, Ceremony, Instrumental Acoustic Guitar, Classical, Beach Wedding, Outdoor Wedding
Released: 2006

Record Label: Project of Hope

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